RuleML 2009 Accepted Papers

Full Papers

  • James McCaffrey and Howard Dierking. An Empirical Study of Unsupervised Rule Set Extraction of Clustered Categorical Data using a Simulated Bee Colony Algorithm
  • Josef Schiefer, Martin Suntinger and Hannes Obweger. Correlating Business Events for Event-Triggered Rules
  • Wilfried Bohlken and Bernd Neumann. Generation of Rules from Ontologies for High-Level Scene Interpretation
  • Jaroslaw Bak, Czeslaw Jedrzejek and Maciej Falkowski. Usage of the Jess Engine, Rules and Ontology to Query a Relational Database
  • Akhil Kumar and Wen Yao. Process Materialization using Templates and Rules to Design Flexible Process Models
  • Aikaterini Mpagouli and Ioannis Hatzilygeroudis. A Rule-Based System Implementing a Method for Translating FOL Formulas into NL Sentences
  • Jens Müller. A Rule-Based Approach to Match Structural Patterns with Business Process Models
  • Alexandros Marinos and Paul Krause. An SBVR Framework for RESTful Web Applications
  • Saeed Hassanpour, Martin O'Connor and Amar Das. Exploration of SWRL Rule Bases through Visualization, Paraphrasing, and Categorization of Rules
  • Essam Mansour and Hagen Hoepfner. An XML-Based Manipulation and Query Language for Rule-based Information
  • Amany Abdelhalim, Issa Traore and Bassam Sayed. RBDT-1: a New Rule-based Decision Tree Generation Technique
  • Raphael Romeikat, Markus Sinsel and Bernhard Bauer. Transformation of Graphical ECA Policies into Executable PonderTalk Code

Short Papers

  • José L. Martínez-Fernández, Paloma Martínez Fernández and José C. González-Cristóbal. Towards an Improvement of Software Development Processes through Standard Business Rules
  • Rossella Rubino and Antonino Rotolo. A Java Implementation of Temporal Defeasible Logic
  • Sheng Gao, Harold Boley, Darka Mioc, François Anton and Xiaolun Yi. A Geospatial RuleML Extension for Querying Respiratory Disease Information
  • Harold Boley, Taylor Osmun and Benjamin Craig. WellnessRules: A Web 3.0 Case Study in RuleML-Based Prolog-N3 Profile Interoperation
  • Ho-Pun Lam and Guido Governatori. The making of SPINdle
  • Harold Boley. RIF RuleML Rosetta Ring: Translating the Dlex Subset of Datalog RuleML and RIF-Core
  • Nikolaus Wulff and Davide Sottara. Fuzzy Reasoning with a Rete-OO Rule Engine
  • Davide Sottara, Paola Mello and Mark Proctor. Modelling Defeasible Reasoning with Imperfection in Production Rule Systems
  • Horatiu Cirstea, Pierre-Etienne Moreau and Antoine Reilles. TomML: A Rule Language For Structured Data
  • Alexandre Alves. Extensions to logic programming inference engines to support CEP
  • Monica Palmirani, Giuseppe Contissa and Rossella Rubino. Fill the Gap in the Legal Knowledge Modelling
  • Kia Teymourian and Adrian Paschke. Semantic Complex Event Processing
  • Christian De Sainte Marie. A modest proposal to enable RIF dialects with limited forward compatibility

Track Papers

  • Matthias Nickles and Davide Sottara. Rules and Uncertainty - A Survey
  • Alexander Kozlenkov and Adrian Paschke. Rule-based Event Processing and Reaction Rules
  • Yuh-Jong Hu, Ching-Long Yeh and Wolfgang Laun. The Challenges of Enforcing Rule Systems on the Web
  • Mark Linehan and Erik Putrycz. Rule Transformation and Extraction
  • Thomas Gordon, Antonio Rotolo and Guido Governatori. Rules and Norms: Requirements for Rule Interchange Languages in the Legal Domain