RuleML Student Travel Awards

Two student travel grants of the value of up to 1000 USD (plus free registration to the conference) are made available to student authors of papers, demos, and so on being presented at the conference. These grants support travel, and registration for the conference. This travel grant program is administered by the RuleML organization.

RuleML-2009 Student & New Researcher Travel Support

The RuleML Group invites applications for small awards to help cover the cost of travel, living expenses, and registration to RuleML-2009.

Preference will be given, in this order, to:

  • Applicants who are the principal author of a paper and will be presenting the paper at RuleML-2009.
  • Applicants who are the principal author of a demo (paper) and will be presenting the demo at RuleML-2009.
  • Applicants who are not presenting work will not be funded.

Preference will also be given to applicants that have only limited alternative travel support; and to applicants who are full-time students at the time of the conference. Non-students may also apply if they are able to demonstrate that they have limited financial capacity to attend the conference. If you are a student, your advisor may be asked to confirm the level of support that you indicate on your submitted application.

The deadline for applying for travel support is August 2, 2009. Decisions will be communicated on or before August 9, 2009.

The application form is linked below. All fields must be completed. Return completed applications before August 2, 2009 by email to Guido Governatori, with a Subject line RuleML Travel Application. Please do not send .html or .doc versions of the form; either send the completed application form as a text file attached to an email, or (if you are sure that your mailer setup sends text emails rather than HTML) embed the application form into an email.

All applications will be acknowledged. If you do not get a reply email within a few days of sending your application, please query via other communications methods, starting by sending email without an attachment. Only applications that have been acknowledged will be considered for funding.

If you have questions, contact Guido Governatori


Download the application form, and email it as a plain text attachment to Guido Governatori by August 2, 2009, in an email with "RuleML Travel Application" in the Subject field (or use the link just provided). All submissions will be acknowledged. Decisions will be communicated on or before August 9, 2009.