RuleML 2009 Objective

The main goal of RuleML-2009 is to stimulate the cooperation and interoperability between business and research, by bringing together rule system providers, representatives of, and participants in rule standardization efforts, open source communities, practitioners and technical experts, developers, users, and researchers. The concept of the symposium has also advanced continuously in the face of extremely rapid progress in practical rule and event processing technologies. As a result, RuleML-2009 will feature hands-on demonstrations and challenges alongside a wide range of thematic tracks, and thus will be an exciting venue to exchange new ideas and practical developments and experiences on all issues related to the engineering, management, integration, interoperation and interchange of rules in open distributed environments such as the Web.

The focus of this year edition of the symposium will be on the practical adoption and application of standards such as W3C RIF, OMG SBVR, OMG PRR, RuleML, ISO Common Logic, OASIS BPEL++Rules, OMG BPMN++Rules, and industry standards in relation with rules such as XBRL, MISMO, FIXatdl, FIX, FpML, HL7, Acord, etc.